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Complaints Procedure


As a registered childminder I aim to work in close partnership with parents to provide the best possible care for children. 

If there were any aspect of my service you are not happy with please bring it to my attention in the first instance. This would probably be verbally and every effort will be made to resolve the issue through frank and open discussion. If preferred you may put the complaint in writing to me. 

All complaints will be taken seriously, investigated and treated sensitively and confidentially. You will be notified of the outcome. 

I will keep a written record of all complaints, recording the following:

           Name of person making complaint

           Nature of complaint

           Date and time of complaint

           Action taken in response to complaint

           Result of complaint investigation

           Information given to person making complaint

These records will be kept securely and confidentially.


If the complaint cannot be resolved or if the complaint is of a serious nature and you feel you cannot discuss it with me than you should contact:


OFSTED complaints,

Piccadilly Gate Store Street


 M1 2WD





Tel: Ofsted Complaints and Investigation Unit on 0300 123 4666 (calls can be made confidentially)



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