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Dropping Off & Collection Policy

Dropping Off

Please let me know in advance if you intend to arrive at a different time from the contracted one. If you arrive unexpectedly early I may not be ready to care for your child. If you are late, I may have to take children to school/pre-school and will not be able to wait for you. Please discuss with me if you need to change your contracted hours.



I will only release your child from my care to adults who have permission to collect him/her. I will therefore need you to provide me with a list of people authorised to collect. It would be helpful, if they are not know to me, to include a description or a photograph for me to keep on file.

In the event of an emergency, we can operate a password system where you can send someone not authorised to collect your child but who is able to give the password. Please discuss with me if you would like to use this system.


It is important that you arrive at the contracted time to collect your child. Even very young children learn our routine and know when their parents are due. They can become distressed if you are late. I know sometimes delays are unavoidable, especially if you are relying on public transport. If you are delayed, for whatever reason please contact me and let me know when you expect to arrive. I will normally be able to accommodate the additional care, however if I am unable, I will contact other adults from the authorised list and arrange for them to collect your child. I will reassure your child that you are on the way and if necessary organise additional activities and a meal.


If I have not heard from you and you are very late I will try and make contact with you. I will also attempt to contact the emergency numbers provided. If I am unable to make contact with anyone I will inform Social Services and follow their advice.


I reserve the right to make an additional charge for late collection.                                         


Procedure if a child is not collected


Whilst a child has been left in my care, I am obliged to keep that child safe and look after him / her even if the child has not been collected at the agreed collection time.


If a child is not collected within half an hour after the arranged collection time, I will try calling the parents’ contact numbers. Then I will try the emergency contact numbers.


I will not release a child to an unauthorised person even if the collection is late. In an emergency, if an unauthorised person is to collect a child, the parent or the authorised person must advise me by telephone. I need the name, address and a physical description of the unauthorised person who will collect your child, some form of identification document and an agreed password.


If I have had no contact with either the parents/carer or emergency authorised people, within a responsible amount of time, that is two hours from the original agreed collection time, I will then inform Social Services and follow their advice.


NB. A charge for the late collection of a child may apply (see Fee Policy)


If on three occasions a child is not collected by the due time and neither the parents nor one of the authorised persons telephone me with an explanation, I would ask you to withdraw your child from my care.  




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