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Illness, Accident & Existing Injury Policy

Illness  Policy

I am a “well-child” care provider and will not look after children who are ill. This is because, my own family, your child, others who I child mind for and I will suffer in terms of health, well-being and safety.

Under no circumstances should a parent bring a sick child to my home. If a child shows any signs of illness or is unable to participate in our normal routine, other arrangements for the care of the child should be made. When children don’t feel well, they need additional attention and rest that I can’t provide.

Sick children can also spread their illness to the other children and my family. Every effort is taken to reduce the spread of illness by encouraging hand washing and other sanitary practices.

Children will be monitored throughout the day and in the event that a child becomes ill, the parent will be called and will need to pick up the child within one hour. If the parent is unable to pick up the child within one hour or the parent can’t be reached, the emergency contact person will be called to come and pick up the child. While your child is awaiting collection I will endeavour to make your child as comfortable as possible.

A sick child will not be permitted to return to care until the child has been symptom free for at least 24 hours. If you aren't sure about whether or not to bring your child to care, please call me to discuss it. The decision to accept your child back into care after or during an illness will be at my sole discretion. Allergy related symptoms, common colds and non-communicable illnesses do not require exclusion.

Any time taken off as a result of illness when your child would normally have attended will still require payment at normal agreed rates.


I know that as a working parent, you require a childminder who is reliable. I will endeavour to work on all the days that I am contracted to. I am happy to work when I have minor ailments such as colds etc, however I will not work if I have sickness or diarrhoea or any other highly contagious infection. Continuing to work would only result in a further spreading of the germs and I would be unable to give your child the care they deserve.

I will of course not charge if I am ill and cannot provide you with my services.

Accident  Policy


Every effort will be made to keep the children safe through supervision however minor bumps and scratches are inevitable. When a child has an accident in my setting, the following procedure is followed:



  • Firstly, if it is a minor accident it wll be treated by first aid and will be recorded. This recording will be shown and signed by the parent when you arrive to collect your child.
  • If the accident is more serious your child will be taken to the nearest hospital where you will be asked to meet us (or I may call for an ambulance).

  • Fill out the accident report sheet (this must be done even if there isn’t a mark at the time). Parents must sign the Accident Book / Form, on the day that the accident has occurred.


Existing Injury


Any injury that your child has when he / she arrives will also be logged in a book. A brief explanation from you on how the injury occurred, when and what the cause was, and the treatment given, and your signature will be required.









Chicken Pox

6 days from appearance of the rash (i.e. last spot) & if all spots have dried.


7 days from appearance of rash, if child is well.


5 days from onset of swollen glands.


5 days from appearance of rash.


Until lesions are crusted/or healed

Head Lice

Can only return once thoroughly treated.

Slapped cheek virus

Until child is physically well and rash has disappeared.


Until child is physically well.


When eyes are totally clear of infection

Sickness and Diarrhoea

48 hours clear of any illness

Scarlet Fever & Whooping Cough

5 days from commencing antibiotics


Until child is well.


Until child is well.


Until child is well.


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