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Medication Policy

Parents must give me prior written consent and written instructions before I can administer any medication to their children. This must include the child’s name, exact dosage to be given, (when) time to be given and how many times a day.


Parents must provide all medications, eg. asthma inhaler, cream etc… needed by their children.


All medicines must be in their original containers with pharmacist or manufacturer's label, child's name, dosage instructions, current date and name of medication clearly written.


If a child requires medication such as an asthma inhaler on a regular basis, the parent must leave one in my setting whenever their child is in my care.

I store all medications in their original containers, inaccessible to children.

I keep written records of all medications administered to children. Each entry is signed by the person who gives the medication (myself) and by the parents before taking their children home.


NB. If a child receives medication outside of my care I will need written confirmation of when it was last administered, how much and why the child has had medicine before they come to me.

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