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Pets Policy

I believe that children can learn a lot from having contact with animals. I have a ovable Golden Retriever dog called Bess who loves nothing better than to be cuddled.

Certain procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of the children.

  • Children must wash their hands after any contact with animals and understand the reasons behind this.

  • Children must be taught that not all animals are child friendly and that they should always check with the animal's owner before attempting to stroke, pat or handle them.

  • I store food for the pets safely away from the children's reach

  • I follow a high standard of hygiene, with careful thought given to the placing of the feeding and water bowls of pets.

  • I ensure fresh clean water in water bowls.

  • I check the garden every morning, as part of my risk assessment, before the children are permitted outside to play, to ensure that no animal has fouled it.

  • I ensure that all pet vaccinations are up to date

  • I make sure that all pets are treated for worms and fleas regularly

  • All my pets will receive regular health checks

  • Children will be constantly supervised with pets

  • Caged animals will be kept clean and secure

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