Safety Policy

I believe that the safety of all children is of paramount importance. In order to maintain the safety of both children and adults, I shall ensure that:

·         Adults do not walk about with hot drinks or place hot drinks within reach of children.

·         A book is available to report and record any accident or incidents

·         Fire drills are held regularly.

·         Emergency Fire exits are never obstructed.

·         Smoke alarms are checked regularly.

  • Safety restraints in pushchairs and highchairs are appropriate.

·         A register of both adults and children is completed as people arrive and leave the setting so that a complete record of all those present is available in any emergency.

·         There is a no smoking policy on the premises.

·         A first aid box is available at all times.

·         I have attended an appropriate first aid course.

·         Children only leave my setting with authorised adults.

·         Risk Assessments are carried out every morning both indoors and outdoors.

·         Low level glass is covered, or replaced by safety glass.

·         Activities such as cooking and energetic play receive close and constant supervision.

·         Outdoor space is securely fenced and back exit is always locked.

·         Equipment and toys are checked regularly. Broken items are repaired or discarded.

·         Layout of the rooms allow children to move safely and freely between activities.

·         Resources offered to children are developmentally appropriate, recognising that toys suitable for an older child may pose a risk to younger, less mature children.

·         Power points, cables and leads are adequately guarded.

·         Medicines and cleaning materials are stored out of reach of children

·         Kitchen cupboards are fitted with childproof locks

  • Children do not have access to the cooking area within the kitchen when meals are being prepared.

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