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Exclusion Policy

I operate an inclusive Childminding setting, where all children are welcome regardless of their race, religion, culture, sex, ability or disability, social background etc.


There are however certain occasions when it may be necessary to ask a parent to not bring their child to my home for a short period of time. These reasons include:


·         If a child is ill (see sickness policy for more detailed information)

·         If a child has a highly infectious condition such as impetigo or conjunctivitis

·         If the child has a notifiable disease

·         If a child has had a bout of sickness or diarrhoea within the last 48 hours

·         if a child is on antibiotics that they haven’t taken before and it is within the first 3 days of the course (in case of an allergic reaction)


I reserve the right to terminate a contract with immediate effect and exclude a child  permanently from my setting in the following situations:


·         if the child continually demonstrates aggressive behaviour to the other children in my setting

·         if the child continually uses inappropriate language (swearing )

·         if the child continually makes inappropriate remarks, such as racist comments

·         if the child is likely to cause harm to other children in the setting

·         if the child is found to be stealing from me or my home


I would already have discussed my concerns with the child’s parents and worked with them over a period of time to address their child’s behaviour. I would have used a variety of different strategies and with parental permission sought support from outside agencies.

I would only exclude a child if their behaviour was very severe and having a continued negative impact on the other children in my care.


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