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Why choose a childminder over a nursery?

  • We can offer:-

    • Consistency. It is hugely positive to have the same person look after your child, sometimes for years or until secondary school, so they almost become a member of the family. We get to know your child really well, and will try to meet all their needs.

    • Individual care, sometimes even one to one, where time can be spent interacting with your child, whether that be       having a cuddle or singing nursery rhymes, etc

    • Flexible hours, usually earlier or later starts than day nurseries and Out of School Clubs can offer.

    • Home-based care.

    • Low adult to child ratios.

    • We will aim to meet the individual needs of your baby/child, adapting where possible to their routines.

    • Social outings to toddler groups and Childminder drop-ins.

    • Real life learning, in a community environment, with regular trips to the libraries, parks, a farm, the beach, or go on local walks and other outings.

    • We offer care within a mixed age environment and your child is usually able to be with their brothers and sisters.

    • We are also part of a Childminding network, so your children get to know other childminders and their mindees, which means, if fo some reason we were ill there is a good chance another childminder, who your child feels comfortable around could step in and help and look after your child, if you were happy with that arrangement. This could also happen in an emergency situation.

    • If your child is an only child then they are able to interact with other children of older and younger ages to them allowing them to improve their social skills.

    • We can provide care after school hours so is a good option for mothers with older children who go to school as well.

    • We have an enhanced CRB disclosure, are health checked and our home has been inspected to ensure it’s safe for your children. We are also Ofsted inspected.

    • We will have demonstrated to a childcare inspector how we meet the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements.

    • You may also be able to use childcare vouchers towards the cost of childcare with us and use the governmeent funding from 9 months plus.

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