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Fire Evacuation Policy

In the event of a fire within my home while I am caring for your children, I will:



  • Pick up the small book containing all the children's contact details and other emergency phone numbers. (I carry this small book with me whenever I take the children out).


  • Pick up my mobile phone and my emergency set of keys (these are always accessible)


  • Leave the setting by the nearest, safest exit. I will stand with the children as far away from my house, at a safe distance on the pavement at the front of the house.


  • I shall then telephone for the Fire Services


  • Next I shall phone all the children's parents and ask them to collect their children




Practices will be carried out on different days of the week to ensure all children practice and the details recorded in the evacuation log.


All children will learn the fire drill throughout the year in a fun way that will be invaluable to them if an incident occurs.





There is one smoke alarm on each floor of my house.





There is a NO SMOKING policy in my home


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