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A Typical Day

I believe children learn in different ways and therefore all activities and outings are planned for each individual child. I regularly observe children playing and use these observations to plan learning opportunities.

I will sometimes plan activities and outings around specific themes and events such as The Olympics, Christmas, summer, World book day etc.

All activities and outings will be tailored to suit individual children's ages, interests, needs and abilities.


Here is an example of a typical day:


8:00 Arrivals, breakfast and free play
8:30 School run (followed by preschool run if applicable)
9:00 Outings to the park, shops or toddler group etc. or home for messy play, arts and crafts or cooking and garden play (snack and drink at 10:15)
12:30 Lunch (followed by preschool pick up if applicable)
1:00 Story, rest/nap time, short appropriate television programme followed by puzzles, dressing up, games etc. and garden play.
3:00 School pick up (followed by a trip to the park, weather permitting)
3:30 Snack and drink
4:00 Free play/garden play; older children may prefer chill out time watching appropriate TV, listening to music, playing games consoles and reading, or they may have homework to do.
5:30 Dinner
6:00 Home time



We enjoy a wide variety of activities such as:

Childminder Drop-In Groups ~ Oake Playgroup ~ Cooking ~ Baking ~ Cutting and sticking ~ Painting ~ Drawing ~ Jewellery making ~ Experiments ~ Sand/water play ~ Junk modelling ~ Collages ~ Card making ~ Lego ~ Building bricks ~ Mega blocks ~ Stickle bricks ~ Play dough ~ Sensory play ~ Reading ~ Puzzles ~ Dressing up ~ Board games ~ Dancing ~ Music ~ Role play ~ Construction ~ Treasure hunts ~ Gardening  ~ Games Consoles

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