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Potty Training Policy

I am happy to provide care for babies and children who are still wearing nappies.


Parents must provide the following items:

·         Nappies / pull ups

·         Cream

·         Baby wipes

·         Nappy bags


To promote hygiene, I use my own changing mat, which is wiped with disinfectant between each use. I use nappy bags for the disposal of used nappies.


I change a child regularly and immediately if he/she has soiled a nappy.


When you feel that your child is ready for potty training, it would be advisable to begin the process at home during the weekends. I will arrange for a convenient time to meet with you and discuss your plans regarding your child’s potty training. It is important that we work together to give your child the support and reassurance he/she will need during this period. To avoid confusing your child, I will follow your training method and provide you with daily feedback on how the training is progressing.


I would advise parents to provide extra clothing for their children during potty training as accidents are bound to happen.


All potty training will be done in a relaxed atmosphere.. I will never punish or shout at a child if he/she has an accident.


Children will always wash their hands after using the potty or toilet.


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